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Our Teams

We are trying to raise Swiss ESport Teams in various Games. Our first team was build up in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with 6 players from Lucerne. Then

we met a new player from Germany Hessen that joined us. Currently, we are

building up 2 new teams, 1 in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and 1 in Rainbow 6


Counter Strike

Wandi - Manager, Editor and Shot Caller

Wandi - Manager, Editor and Shot Caller

Wandi is called Justin in real life. He cuts all the footage we collect in our tournaments and Match Making Rounds. Trying to call all the shots and

is managing tournaments and social media.

Swinkxsy - Team Captain and Awper

The role of the Team Captain goes to Swinkxsy or This. He's by far the best player and is pretty good with the AWP. 


SamuelLancer or just Samuel. He, don't judge him, really likes

to play the Negev. He is getting better and better with time but doesn't play for long. 


R.I.P  or Noah is the annoying guy with the soundboard. He plays

really good when he's tryharding.


DaNoob or Kane is the one that constantly getting better. 

He's training with the Deagle at the moment.

Koezan - Substitute Player

The substitute player of Animedix is Koezan or Samuel. He played

at the latest tournament.  And could be a pretty good player if he

would main Cs: Go as a game and not CoD.

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